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Can Payday Loans Contact Your Employer?

can payday loans contact your employer

Yes, a payday lender can sometimes call your employer to verify that you work there. But even so, they will never say where they’re calling from and always act discreetly. This also depends on the lender because not every lender does this. But some payday lenders contact employers to ensure you have a job, so don’t be too surprised.

We understand that not everyone always wants to be called at work, especially to talk about money. But some of our partner lenders need to ensure you have a full-time job and repay your payday loan. So if we call and ask if you, Bob, are there and your boss says you are, that’s all we will do to verify that you have a job.

What Are the Reasons Why a Lender Might Contact My Employer?

Your lender calling your employer is either (1) checking you exist, (2) verifying info, or (3) following up. Learn the details of why your lender may be contacting your employer.

  • To Ensure That You Are an Employee There

As part of your loan application, your lender will verify that you are a real person. Particularly with online loans, calling your employer is the #1 way lenders do to check you’re who you are.

Letting your payday lender contact your employer fastens your verification. As if a company vouches for you, there is almost zero chance a lender will reject you.

  • To Ensure the Info You’ve Given Is Correct

Your lender cares that you give complete and accurate information. One way of verifying that your application is correct is to check with your employer.

Your lender will only verify your basic info, such as your name, address, and contact info. The discussion will not be an underwriting process. So your lender will not talk or ask about your income, assets, debt, or properties.

  • To Follow Up on Your Overdue Loan Repayments

If you have ignored your lender’s calls, you can expect them to call your employer. Your lenders need you to settle things. And if they can get ahold of you directly, they will try to do so indirectly through your work. Know that this is their last choice before getting outside help. Learn if payday loan companies can sue you.

But you don’t have to worry about your lender discussing your loan with your boss. They will only call your boss to get ahold and talk to you, not to discuss details of why they’re calling you.

How Will I Know if a Lender Talked to My Boss?

Your boss might tell you someone called to check on your job, but that might not be true. If you ask, your lender should tell you if they called. But you should assume this has already happened because it is a crucial part of the approval process.

Are There Any Other Ways to Verify My Job?

You can use your pay stub or bank statement to prove that you have a job for your loan request. Any above should show that you have a regular income and can afford your loan.

Some lenders won’t call your employer or require proof that you have a job. But some might need proof of income, and sending documents can help in this case.

Can I Tell a Lender Not to Call My Workplace?

You can ask your lender not to call your work, but you can’t stop them. If you have been avoiding your lender, they may call at work as a last resort.

Call them back if your payday lender is calling because you haven’t paid back what you owe. Negotiate a repayment plan that lets you pay off small amounts over an extended period.

But don’t forget that they won’t tell your boss where they’re calling from. Instead, they’ll ask to talk to you, which could be inconvenient. So better prevent the circumstances that will make them call you at work in the first place.

How Does a Payday Lender Decide Whether I Can Get a Loan?

A payday loan lender may not call your boss as a part of your application. But they will check to see if you meet the other. You need to be a US citizen or a permanent resident. You will need to give your date of birth to prove you are older than 18.

You will also need a checking account and a steady income of at least $1,500 per month to ask for a loan. Having reliable contact info (personal phone number and email) is also necessary.

What Do I Do if a Payday Lender Illegally Contacts My Employer?

If you applied for a loan, it is not against the law for a lender to get in touch with your employer.

If you didn’t apply, you should tell your employer immediately that the call may be from a scammer. In either case, you should tell your boss. They can notify the proper authorities about the phone number used to call them.

Conclusion To: Can Payday Loans Contact Your Employer?

Yes, lender calls to employers do happen sometimes. But there are circumstances only when your lender can call your workplace to find you. They can verify your identity and other personal info or contact you to talk to you. Lenders cannot disclose to your boss why they are looking for you or discuss anything about your loan.

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