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Ways To Avoid Financial Trap if You Don’t Pay Your Phone Bill


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what happens if you dont pay your phone bill

One of the most conflicting categories of debt collection agencies is subscribers of cellular and telecom operators and Internet providers. When communicating with the call center, the debtors assure that they have no debt. They simply refuse to cooperate and actively write complaints about collectors in the media, on forums, and on social networks. Why is such a violent reaction caused precisely by debts for communication, most often pennies? Because they are the most unexpected for consumers.

Calls from claimants often seem like fraud to subscribers. Moneyzap.com is a great help in resolving phone debt issues within Michigan. You can also choose this lender according to your location.

Minor Debt Trouble

A large debt for the use of phone or Internet services is a rarity in the practice of claimants. Communication services are rarely provided on credit but on a prepaid basis. The average check of a debtor in this category usually does not exceed several hundred dollars or more. Naturally, collectors do not buy such debts piece by piece. Therefore, service providers accumulate them for years, after which they get rid of them in bulk.

The following debts are convenient to pay through online services available on the websites of many collection agencies. After all, you don’t have to go to an ATM or a bank for a small debt. Moneyzap.com offers a simplified option to pay off debt for a phone even without a bank account!

Most Common Causes of Phone Bill Debt

There are several common causes of this kind of debt:

  • Forgotten SIM card. The subscriber has not used it for a long time, but the contract has not been terminated. The tariff assumes regular write-off of fixed payment for the service or use of mobile communications on credit;
  • Unpaid rental of equipment for using the Internet or TV. The user switched to service with another provider and closed payments for the Internet but did not terminate the contract, which involves regular payment for the operation of the modem;
  • Sluggishness of the service provider in processing payments. The client terminated the contract, but the provider did not issue an invoice for the last period at the time of the contract termination. Such situations are typical for Internet services as well.

Tips & Cautions

You should not assume that a telecom operator will be too lazy to go to court for several dollars of your debt. This action in communication agencies is put on stream regardless of the amount of debt. They also win massively: the judge can refuse the plaintiff to satisfy such a claim only in the case of an incorrectly executed contract with the debtor or in the absence of legal prerequisites for collecting the debt.

Since all obligatory payments of cellular and Internet subscribers are clearly spelled out in contracts, the case will be decided in favor of the claimant. Then the debtor will not only have to pay the amount of the debt but communicate with the bailiffs who have the right to write off the debt from the bank card or arrest accounts, not free the debtor abroad, etc. Still, the best option would be to contact an MFO to help pay off your phone bill.

Specifics of Telecommunication Companies Operation

Most telecom and operator companies use only remote methods of working with debtors: calls and letters, which are quite effective in the early stages of debt collection but are of dubious value when the term of delay exceeds three months. At this stage, it is necessary to meet with debtors personally; however, most agencies do not practice this.

Departure for a meeting with the debtor is economically unprofitable and impractical. On the other hand, a large number of indebted subscribers live in cities close to each other and have more than one thousand dollars of debt in their personal accounts. For the sake of the largest of them, it makes sense to travel and meet with the debtor. However, most operator agencies do not have the hard-collection stage.

How to Deal With Telecom Services If I Can’t Pay My Phone Bill?

  • Argumentation. When building a dialogue with a service worker, you should not raise your tone and give in to emotions. It is necessary to remain calm and explain that you (as well as your contact persons) always answer incoming calls which are confirmed by witnesses, as well as a printout of calls, which can be obtained from the mobile operator. It must be said that all the information provided by the bank when taking a loan is genuine. Thus, if necessary, a certificate from the accounting department will be taken.

Important to know: It makes no sense to search for a debtor who is not guilty. However, if there are no such grounds (which is 99.9% likely), the conversation with the operator can be ended at any time without continuing.

  • Dictaphone recording. Another effective method of dealing with ill-wishers demanding to pay a debt for a phone can be recording dialogue on a voice recorder. Arguing with the “ringers” is a thankless task, but they can be quickly “brought to light” by asking as many questions as possible during the dialogue. The presence of recorded threats gives the right to appeal to the appropriate authorities, for example, the prosecutor’s office or the police. You can also file a claim for breach of immunity. Groundless accusations and intimidation is the main reason to apply to the court with a claim to protect honor, dignity, and good name.

To conclude, in cases where payments on phone bills were made at least partially, the operator will not be able to accuse the debtor of dishonest use of calling services. Using incorrect information specified in the contract concluded with the telecommunications organization, such accusations can be regarded as “slander.” It is also worth refraining from retaliatory threats against employees of the telecommunications distribution service. Do not open the door to negatively minded services, as you can immediately call the police. Moneyzap.com offers payday loans so you can cover your phone debts.

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