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Where To Sell Used Items | Get the Most From Your Stuff


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where to sell used items

Selling used items is one of the best ways to make extra cash while removing clutter from your living space. It is also environmentally friendly compared to throwing them away, adding to the ever-growing landfills. On days when you are low on cash or your paycheck is not forthcoming, you can look around your house for items you no longer need or use as often.

There are many websites online where you can easily earn a few dollars by selling used items, such as clothes, bags, and electronics. You just need to put the right item on the right site. Below are online stores with huge customer bases to save you the hassle. If you are seeking extra cash to repay a loan, consider debt relief services that fight back creditors.

1- ThredUp

ThredUp is an online thrift store where people buy quality second-hand clothing items. This is your best option if you want to sell your clothes without engaging in the stressful aspects of its marketing. They allow you to put items of different brands for sale without stepping out of your house.

They approximate the worth of your items, snap the pictures, and input the descriptions. You’ll get a prepaid shipping label while their professionals confirm the quality of your wear and ensure that they are not fake. ThredUp also delivers a Clean Out Kit to help you keep your clothes or shoes in the best form possible during shipment, as the condition of your items determines how much you get out of them.

High-quality brands like Frye and Patagonia will yield you higher payouts. Keep in mind that ThredUp currently does not take in clothing other than children’s and women’s. After selling your items, you can choose to be paid in cash or offer to leave it to charity – ThredUp will transfer your payout to any charity program you wish.

2- Poshmark

If the item you want to sell is designer apparel, consider Poshmark. Many have confirmed this store to be the best destination for expensive brands, accessories, house supplies, etc., thanks to the fast sales.

Sellers recommend putting up bags by Louis Vuitton and Chanel or jeans by Madewell and True Religion if you are opting for the women’s category. Jordan sneakers sell fast in the men’s category alongside NFL jerseys. If you have sunglasses by Ray-Ban, don’t hesitate. Home goods like Pottery Barn decor also record a fast payout date. Same as Starbucks tumblers.

After deciding what to sell, take a nice photo of the item, input a description highlighting the details and state the price you’re willing to take. Before fully diving in, read their guide and be aware of their community policies.

If you are able to lock in a buyer, Poshmark will deliver a prepaid shipping label via PoshPost. They deduct their own percentage from the selling price and let you have the rest. All goods below $15 have $2.95 deducted after a sale. It goes up to 20% for items above $15, leaving you with 80%. Ensure you’re comfortable with this before signing up.

3- eBay

eBay is a global online marketplace where you can sell a wide variety of used items – clothes, cars, appliances, accessories, electronics, vacuum bags, and just about anything. Its one-shop-for-all idea makes it a destination for online buyers regardless of what they wish to purchase. Sellers can easily put their items for sale at a fixed price or open them for auction.

To get an idea of your item’s listing price, search for others like it on the site and see how much others are selling them for. This will help you approximate your price tag when you list your items. You can also check up on trending items to know what’s selling and what has the highest payout rate. This will help you sell things fast, earn well, and use the money to sort your bills. Brand-name products sell like hotcakes on eBay, so always take note of the brands you wish to sell.

As a new eBay seller, you will be without reviews and ratings that will confirm the quality of your services. The chance to sell costly items as fast as needed only works for sellers who’ve been on the site for a long period. To speed things up, you should list goods with low prices. After building your credibility, buyers will be able to trust you on expensive products. Remember that eBay also takes a percentage on every sale. How much they deduct depends on the product and its price.

4- Facebook Marketplace

On Facebook Marketplace, you can sell used items to people who live nearby. You will be able to reach a large audience alongside your friends and family. This makes selling stuff like vehicle parts and furniture much more effortless, given the excluded shipping process. Facebook employs software analytics that monitors your listed items and gives you stats on their progress. You will be able to see the number of viewers on each item, giving you something to work on concerning keywords, price, or images.

Facebook Marketplace allows you to put up items you no longer need without charges. It lets you see the profiles of your buyers (if it is public) and inform you of their location. You can use this to dig up details of their credibility and ensure that you are not selling to a fraud.

Other Places To Sell Used Items

  • DeCluttr – Electronics
  • 5miles – Local selling and buying
  • Handshake – Wholesale items
  • Ruby Lane – Vintage and antiques
  • Etsy – Handcrafted items
  • Chairish – Furniture and home decor


If you cannot find an item around the house worth selling or didn’t sell enough to sort your urgent bills, you can consider taking an emergency loan from reliable online lenders. MoneyZap has a host of reliable lenders willing to give you small loans without collateral.

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