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Commitment to Web Accessibility


MoneyZap stops at nothing to carry all its clients and web visitors with disabilities. We have taken the necessary steps to establish and maintain our customer pages within the MoneyZap website to conform to the standards and guidelines of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA through a third-party audit and internal staff training. By modifying and restyling our existing content per these guidelines and deliberately improving our future features, MoneyZap is pleased to feature content that users of all abilities can access. Such content includes:

  • Alternative image texts.
  • Captions for multimedia content.
  • Properly labeled tables with clear heading structures.
  • Good color contrast.
  • Other vital accessibility features.

Our Accessibility Initiatives

MoneyZap' public web pages have been subjected to accessibility audits by a third-party accessibility expert, Name of Firm. The accessibility company utilized a three-part approach in its auditing process—expert accessibility testers, both disabled and non-disabled, assistive technologies, and accessibility testing tools. To confirm that MoneyZap got the most authentic results in their accessibility, the test engineers employed an emulative technology that uses the most precise combination of testers and assistive technologies to imitate the experience of many disabled users.

The accessibility testing team, both disabled and non-disabled, implemented WCAG 2.0 AA diagnostic testing on pages falling within the category of customer experiences. In order to execute this, the team used assistive technology, including screen magnification, screen readers, and voice recognition software, to assess the prescribed technologies from the real perspective of people with disabilities.

Using their results, we have been able to implement the recommended features in order to improve the overall accessibility of our site and maximize customer experience for all and sundry.

More Details About WCAG 2.0 AA

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines can be found in the web accessibility guidelines published by the Web Access Initiative. It is under the parent organization known as W3C, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the internet's basic standards organization - on an international level. WCAG 2.0 is the most recent update on the standards and is a group of requirements and recommendations that define how to achieve accessibility of content for people with disabilities. There are presently three levels of WCAG - A, AA, and AAA.

MoneyZap is doing its best to adhere to the medium level (AA), which is the most recognized in companies like ours. Other organizations also approve it as part of the best web accessibility practices.

Questions and Suggestions

Although we have no doubts about the general accessibility of our site, it is still possible to have some things out of place. Please, do not hold back if you observe any of our accessibility features we need to improve. If you encounter difficulty viewing any page using assistive technology, kindly contact us to provide the information you need.

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