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Legal Disclaimer

MoneyZap, LLC, the owner, manager, and operator of this website, is not a lender, nor does it represent any lender or service provider. MoneyZap does not adjudicate any credit or loan decisions and is not implicated at all in any lending process. MoneyZap, LLC does not promote or endorse any product or service, and this website is not a party to any form of solicitation for any form of loan products or lending offer.

This site is designed to operate as an advertising referral service and functions as a connection platform between its customers or users (who may also be potential borrowers) and certified participant lenders. The latter may be responsible for providing credit advances within the range of $100 to $5,000.

While we provide advertising services alone, we are not responsible for regulating and supervising any lender's actions. All offers, rates (including APR), loan terms, fees, charges, and legal actions for late and/or non-payment are fully within the oversight, responsibility, and regulation of the specific lender that provides the loan or credit service.

Hence, while loan applications are submitted to several lenders to increase the chances of being approved, applying for a loan is no guarantee for the approval of an applicant for any offer.

The loan amount, times of cash transfer, and repayment terms vary across lenders. Renewal policy, Late payment, and non-payment terms and conditions are defined by each individual lender or loan service provider. Every loan borrower is responsible for informing themselves of these and making adequate preparations for them.

Not all states and jurisdictions have loans and loan services available. Consequently, residents of some states may be unable to apply for certain or all short-term loans.

All users of this site are under no obligation or compulsion to use our services, engage in any commercial activity with a lender, submit a request for a loan or credit product, or accept a loan offer from a participant lender. Nevertheless, the registration information provided on this website will be shared with our partners, certified and registered lenders in our network, and affiliates in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. By using this website, the user agrees that they have read, understood, and accepted them.

Credit Implications

Any participant lender that the loan applicant might apply to may conduct at their discretion a credit check as part of the process of initiating and executing credit decisions. Such action may entail communicating with the credit reporting bureaus to ascertain the credit standing, credit aptitude, or creditworthiness. By submitting their (his/her) personal information, the applicant offers express permission for participant lenders to verify the information they provided and check their credit.

Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware)

Short-term loans are designed to settle short-term financial needs and do not serve as a long-term financial solution. Short-term loans generally constitute costs to the borrower and can intensify the borrower's unstable financial situation. Potential clients should consult with a finance professional to settle their financial needs and offer them reasonable and practicable advice concerning the risks associated with short-term loans and alternatives to consider for their financial needs.

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