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E-Sign Consent and Disclosure

Please thoroughly study this E-Sign Consent and Disclosure, print out a copy, and/or save this information in an electronic format for reference in the future.


You are applying for a loan with Money Zap, a loan connection service that matches consumers with loans and lenders that align with their loan needs and the content of their application. We are neither a lender or loan provider nor endorse any entity offering loans or any particular loan product. (This company shall henceforth be represented by "we," "us," "our," or "Money Zap"). In order to provide you with online services, we require your consent to accept and use electronic signatures, electronic disclosures, and electronic records ("Your Consent"). This Disclosure contains your agreement on such matters, beyond informing you of how you will receive disclosures, information, and notices from Money Zap concerning your account with Money Zap ("Required Information"). With your Consent, Money Zap can provide you with Required Information faster and more conveniently by presenting and receiving the Required Information on this website electronically and letting you print out or electronically store the Required Information and save or keep it for your records.

Non-Electronic or Paper Records

You may receive any Required Information in non-electronic or paper format by simply logging in and printing out your paper copy. You may also contact us through the number ( ) or by mailing us your request at ( ) to receive any Required Information. Paper copies are free of charge. You may also obtain copies of Required Information by accessing your online account at  

Scope of this Consent

Your consent covers Required Information, including but limited to any disclosures and notices demanded by applicable law. Your agreement and Consent to conduct transactions electronically pertain to all your transactions with Money Zap and all interactions and communications you may have with Money Zap. By granting your Consent, Money Zap will process your loan application and electronically communicate with you during this transaction and any subsequent transactions. We will also send you notifications pertaining to your application, transactions you undertake, and other notifications electronically.

In this Disclosure, the term "electronic record" means any contract or record generated, created, communicated, sent, received, or stored using electronic methods or channels. The term "electronic signature" means an electronic symbol, sound, or process attached to or logically linked with a contract or other record and adopted or executed by a person with the purpose of signing the record.


Along with the aforementioned, the terms of Your consent are as follows:

#1. Right to Paper Records

As stated earlier, you have the right to request Required Information in paper format free of charge. However, getting a loan and maintaining your Money Zap account will be impossible if you do not grant your consent for the electronic delivery of the Required information.

#2. Right to Revoke Consent

If you consent to the electronic delivery of Required Information, you may revoke your consent whenever you want. By revoking Your Consent, you will be unable to modify or manage payment amounts and dates, and you will be unable to get another loan with us not included in your agreement to a new E-sign Consent and Disclosure for any such loan. If at any point after you have created an account with Money Zap, you wish to revoke Your consent, you may do that by mailing us your written request at (physical address). Revoking your consent, you do not render previous electronic disclosures of Required Information legally invalid, ineffective, and/or unenforceable.

#3. Your Consent is valid throughout our relationship and does not end during our first interaction and/or transaction:

Suppose you consent to the electronic delivery of Required Information. In that case, your consent pertains to all Required Information Money Zap provides or receives from you regarding your account throughout your relationship with Money Zap.

#4. Change of Contact Information

You must send us a complete and accurate email address as well as other pieces of information associated with your account to manage and update any changes to your account promptly. To update your information, you may contact us at (phone number) or via email at (email address), or by visiting your account online at Money Zap..

#5. Hardware and Software Requirements

To access, retain, and save electronic disclosures from Money Zap, you must be able to see them displayed on your monitor and forward screen prints to your printer. Many internet browsers provide a suitable means of printing out the material displayed on your monitor. Below are the hardware and software you must have to receive the Required Information:

  • Any PC or Mac® compatible computer or another device that can efficiently access the Internet and any Internet Browser software program supporting at least 128-bit encryption (Microsoft Explorer 6.0®, Firefox 1.5®, Safari 4.0® and/or higher are recommended);
  • Adequate electronic storage capacity (at least 64 Mb of memory) on your computer's hard drive or other data storage unit;
  • An email account with an internet service provider and email software through which you can receive our electronic communications;
  • A personal computer (furnished with at least 133 MHz processor and 1024 × 768 screen resolution is recommended), OS (operating system), and internet telecommunications connections capable of accessing, receiving, displaying, and printing and/or storing your account documents electronically via a text-formatted email or by access to our website using any of the above-mentioned browsers;
  • To read certain documents, you may require a PDF reader like Adobe® Acrobat Reader 5.0 (or higher versions), Foxit®, or Xpdf®; and 
  • A printer or long-term storage device like your computer's disk drive for printing or electronically storing a copy of the Required Information for future reference.

#6. It is possible you already use all the required software and hardware while accessing this Consent through the internet. However, suppose these requirements change in any way or at any point during this transaction or future transactions with you such that you stand at risk of not being able to receive Required Information electronically. In that case, Money Zap will notify you of such changes. For inquiries concerning the software and hardware requirements, please mail us your written inquiry at Money Zap ( Physical Address).

#7. Right to Send Required Information on Paper.

Your consent does not mean Money Zap must provide the Required Information electronically. Money Zap may, at its discretion, provide Required Information on paper if so chooses. Money Zap may also require you to deliver certain communications on paper at a specified address.

Storage of Required Information 

To facilitate electronic commerce, reduce the expense of records storage, and obtain the benefits of faster access to records, MoneyZap may, at its discretion:

To enhance electronic commerce, minimize expenses of records storage, and facilitate faster access to records, Money Zap, may, at its option:

  1. Store all records electronically;
  2. Retain all records electronically, with no obligation to retain original or electronic documents (including, but not restricted to, checks, notes, transaction records, faxes, applications, email correspondence, and other loan; documents) for as long as we want beyond any relevant regulatory requirements;
  3. Occasionally destroy all original and electronic documentation, but not according to any specified period of time by relevant regulatory requirements; and
  4. May store records electronically via scanning, imaging, filming, or other technology employed in the financial services industry to store documentation through internal processes and third-party processors approved for these services by Money Zap. Required Information stored in such manner shall, for all purposes, be acknowledged and accepted as evidence or otherwise to prove the agreements, rights, and obligations of any parties pursuant to any such records.

Your Ability To Access Disclosures 

You agree and admit that you can access any Required Information in the above-mentioned designated formats. Upon providing your consent, you can log into the website and access these documents.

Your Consent

You agree that you have read this information about electronic disclosures, signatures, records, notices, email, and running business transactions electronically. You have been able to access and view these disclosures using a computer and software that proves you can access electronic information. You agree to electronic signatures, receiving all disclosures in electronic format, and doing business with us electronically in lieu of written documents and handwritten signatures. You acknowledge that you may request a copy of the Required Information in paper form, which we will provide to you free of charge.

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