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Marketing Practices

By submitting your information during the registration process on this Website, you acknowledge that you accept and agree with the Marketing Practices outlined here and the regulatory documents on this website, including the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. You confirm your agreement with the provisions of these documents and verify that your registration is regarded and treated as a request for our connection services, in which you are connected with one of our network's third-party lenders. What's more, you offer your consent to receive marketing materials from, financial service providers, as well as third-party marketers.

By agreeing to this Marketing Practices document, You confirm that you understand that any of the above-mentioned parties may try to provide you with information concerning other products and services related to the ones that you directly indicated interest for. You offer your consent for them to communicate with you for marketing purposes and to assist you through various forms of media, such as direct mail, email, and/or telephone. You understand and acknowledge that these communications may happen regardless of whether you are added to a Do-Not-Contact list.

We may only contact or communicate with you by using the contact information that you voluntarily submitted. If you wish to stop receiving marketing products or interacting with the above-mentioned parties, you may use the opt-out function to request the removal of your name from lists. You must contact third parties directly if you wish to unsubscribe from third-party lists. MoneyZap will not be responsible for ending interactions you have with other sources that are beyond our control. You may contact us if you have any inquiries about these Marketing Practices.