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While a 500 dollar loan might sound like too little money, it might be the only thing you need to get out of a fix. Short-term loans are known to come in handy when you need fast cash, and that 500 dollar payday loan might just be the ideal solution.

Recent studies indicate that around 59% of the American adult population lives paycheck to paycheck. Even worse, around 47% of Americans admitted to having less than $1,000 in savings. This clearly explains why too many people run for short-term payday loans when emergencies hit.

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But what would a $500 loan do? Is there even a direct lender that can grant such small amounts? What are the qualification requirements, and can you be denied such a small payday loan? This article covers all these questions and more.

What is a 500 dollar Loan?

If you just want some money to cover for a delayed paycheck, clear an almost due payment, or even pay for an emergency medical bill, a $500 loan would certainly come in handy.

It is typically a payday loan that you should repay with your next paycheck. The repayment period for such kinds of loans is usually below a month, which also makes them attract quite high interest rates.

But what about a bad credit score? Does a 500 dollar loan need a credit check?  Well, no need for panic.

Most $500 loans don’t need a good credit score for you to get the loan. Many lenders will just need proof of steady income, and your loan is approved.

Even better, the proof of income doesn’t necessarily need to be a payslip or a stable job. Sometimes, even benefits like unemployment, social security, welfare, or disability benefits are enough for you to get a loan.

What’s Unique with a 500 Dollar Loan?

You get that little loan amount that fits your emergency. That’s right!

The fact is that when seeking a 500 or 1000 dollar loan, it mostly means that you don’t need a large loan. It also means that you need it relatively fast to help solve the pressing issue. If you imagine applying for a bank loan, you might need to take more than you want and also waste some considerable time before your application is approved.

So, instead of all that hassle, this short-term loan pretty much sorts your small emergencies. You get it fast, no worry about bad credit, and no long-term obligations. Just one month, and you're back to your normal budget.

Small-dollar loans are in almost every sense similar to payday loans online. And although the interest rates on these loans a pretty high, you’ll probably clear it with your next paycheck. This makes them perfect for those small urgent bills that need a quick fix.

Even better, most of them can be accessed online from the comfort of your home or office. This makes them even more convenient. But, always do thorough platform research before giving out your personal details – not all online platforms are all straightforward.

Is it Possible to be Denied a 500 Dollar Loan?

While bad credit won’t affect your small-dollar loan application, this also doesn’t mean that the loans are free for grabs. A credit check might not be necessary, but you still need to fulfill certain basic requirements to qualify for that loan.

Different lenders might use different qualification criteria, but the most basic requirements are as follows:

  • Be a United States resident.
  • Have attained the legal adult age of 18 years.
  • Have a source of income.
  • Hold a checking account.
  • Have a physical address.

Fulfilling these simple requirements means that your 500 dollar loan will most likely get approved. The application process may also vary with different states, meaning that you should research more regarding your specific state.

An email address will also be necessary when applying for the loan on an online platform.

Why Short-term Payday Loans?

In most cases, the urgency for the cash, loan amounts, and some constraints like bad credit are factors that make many Americans opt for fast payday loans. This is despite the high APRs.

Most banks and other large lenders will always require a clean credit history before approving your loan application. However, many payday loan lenders overlook this requirement. As long as you have the ability to pay, which you can prove with a source of income, you are good to go.

This means that if you need to sort out a small emergency and your credit score isn’t that attractive, small-dollar loans will certainly be your best option. All you need is to meet the other necessary requirements.

Time is another factor that makes a 500 dollar loan worth applying for. Someone who needs fast cash will easily benefit from small-dollar loans. Some of these loans hit your account in a little as one business day, something we can’t say for the bank loans.

If you need money now and don’t have time for the long application processes, you need a lender who can make a quick decision and give you money to sort out your issue. A 500 dollar loan would be ideal for such a situation, especially if it doesn’t require too much money.

Where to Get $500 Loan with Bad Credit

If you are in need of fast cash and are worried about your bad credit score, here are some lenders you can consider:


This is an online payday loan platform, where you can borrow as low as $100, and up to $2,500. If your loan is approved, you can have this money in your account in less than 24 hours.

This means that if you need $500 to cover a car repair, groceries expense, medical bill, or even travel, MoneyZap has your back. It is one platform that offers loans on bad credit, even when someone declares bankruptcy.


DirectLoanTrasfer.com is a great platform that also gives you access to small-dollar loans from as low as $50, and large ones of up to $2500. The application is done online, and if approved, you get your money within a day or two.

Similar to most other payday loan lenders, DirectLoanTransfer.com doesn’t need a credit check to grant you a loan. It's ideal for a person seeking a loan with a bad credit.

However, you need to have a monthly net income of around $1,000. They are a fast and secure way of sorting out your emergency.

Bottom Line

With our ever-busy lives, the need for fast cash will always be there. But, having some reliable lenders when a financial emergency hits your door can be lifesaving.

It is possible to get a $500 loan at any time, whether you have a good credit score or not. Also, since their application and approval are fast and straightforward, you don’t have to panic when that need arises. As long as you have met the rest of the requirements, your funding problem will be sorted.