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Cookies & Targeted Advertising

At MoneyZap, we esteem our transparency, trust, and security in all transactions and interactions. Therefore, we want you to be aware of how we collect, use, share, store, and protect your information. 

Information Collected Online

MoneyZap Cookies

When a user accesses our website, we use cookies, web bugs, and several other technologies to collect and store information. Such information does not include users' personal details, but it includes web addresses through which users came and the browser type they used. By getting such information, we are able to improve how we customize a user's web experience and provide more relevant marketing messages. When MoneyZap content is published on another website or mobile application, we also collect a user's web address and browser information.

As a way to give our users the best possible experiences, we collect such information for reporting, analytical, and auditing purposes. They include quantitative and qualitative information about our website visitors, marketing effort performance, and users' responses to these efforts.

Third-Party Cookies

Our third-party vendors work with us to provide advertisements about our services when customers access other sites all over the internet. These vendors use third-party cookies, which assist us in presenting customers with peculiar advertisements tailored to their specific product and service preferences. That way, our marketing campaigns become more effective.

Opting Out

If you ever want to opt out of cookies from our third-party vendors, the Network Advertising Initiative has a tool for that.

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